Analytics for Financial Services

A growing proportion of heavy lifting in trading, banking, investing and payments is driven or influenced by Big Data in financial services. All of the major Big Data platform vendors of the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem cite financial services as early innovators in predictive analytics, fraud detection, and a host of other use cases. But the new Big Data ecosystem also must process more Fast Data in finance for performance critical services and tasks.

Solution Brief: Read how to make Fast Data in Finance faster

Bigstream for Financial Services focuses on key Fast Data use cases throughout the Spark data pipeline. Including

  • Accelerated ingest of tick data, market data and unstructured industry content.
  • High-performance ETL/ELT for Data Warehousing or Machine Learning
  • Hyper-accelerated batch, micro-batch and interactive processing across a variety of financial services use cases

Bigstream Hyper-acceleration and the Apache Spark platform are at the heart of the key fast data activities that many in finance are pursuing. Let’s take a closer look at the key Big Data use cases in finance that can especially benefit from Bigstream Hyper-acceleration.

Market Data Analytics

While using advanced algorithms to make informed trades is not new, its widespread adoption and applicability to a broader profile of traders is noteworthy. Today, asset managers, fintech companies and even retail banks are looking to provide richer analytics, daily forecasts, market advisories and recommendations to both traders and their customers.

Algorithmic trading platforms require flexibility and performance in order to meet the high-pressure demands of quants, hedge fund data scientists, fintech developers. For algorithmic trading systems, most quant teams go through a deliberate workflow that starts with ideation for framing the trading and market parameters, back testing using historical market/tick data, and then finally live or “forward” trading.

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